The Troll RTA

The Troll RTA Review

The Troll RTA


The Troll RTA is a very popular atomizer among vapers due to its authenticity and affordability. It is made by Wotofo, a reputable manufacturer of vaping tools. If you want to know more about this atomizer, here is a brief review of Troll RTA.


The Troll RTA Review

Packaging- just like most Wotofo products, Troll RTA comes in a beautiful packaging. The packaging is quite similar to most Wotofo products, except that this comes with different color schemes and bears the name of this atomizer. This atomizer is available in two colors; stainless steel and black. Both of these colors look great.



Upon opening the package, you will find a new Troll RTA and a glass tank section for replacement. The spare glass tank section included is a huge advantage. This atomizer has an overall base diameter of 24 mm; the ideal size of most atomizers being released on the market. The overall design of this atomizer is really appealing and innovative as the deck sections sit in the middle of the atomizer rather than on top or bottom like predecessor RTA.

You will also be provided with a screwdriver, a different colored o-rings, and a bag of spare parts with screws. Also included in the packaging is Japanese cotton, a user manual, three pre-wrapped attached Clapton coils, and the usual T-shirt giveaway from Wotofo. The inclusion of Fused Clapton rather than Twisted Coils gives new vapers a chance to experience this inbuilt coil, which can also appeal to the pros as well.


Other Notable Features of Troll RTA

It does feature an adjustable bottom airflow, which makes adjustments a breeze. However, it doesn’t include a 510 drip tip adapter in its atomizer, which is con for vapers who like using their 510 drip tips.

Disintegrating Troll RTA is easy as it is not overly tighten up. On the barrel section, which joins into the deck section, there is a Troll engraving which adds to the ultimate look of this tank.

This atomizer comes clean with no machine oil. Most atomizers come drenched in machine oils which take a long time to come on. But with the Troll RTA, one wash with warm water, the tank is clean enough for usage.

The overall built quality of this atomizer is great, especially considering its price point. All of the threads are smooth, and the surface is smooth.

In terms of performance, this RTA releases excellent flavor. The vapor production of this RTA is also quite impressive, and you will surely not be disappointed with the experience this atomizer will offer.


The Pros of Troll RTA

  • Easy-top fill design
  • Comes with extras
  • Easy to build
  • Excellent built quality
  • Delrin top cap


The Cons of Troll RTA

  • Small post screws.
  • Cannot use your preferred 510 drip tips.


Wrap Up

The Troll RTA is another solid product from Wotofo; it will offer you amazing experience and is quite affordable. Order this atomizer from Vapor Kings.


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The Troll RTA

Visit Vapor Kings Sand Springs Outlet for All Your E-Cigs Supplies

Vapor Kings Sand Springs


Are you a smokeless cigarette user looking for products by Vapor Kings Sand Springs? If so, you’re at the right place as we’re here to show you a few of their key supplies including cartridges, atomizer replacements, and e-liquids.


About Vapor Kings Sand Springs

A prominent and top-quality company, Vapor Kings Sand Springs Oklahoma is a certified electronic cigarette and vapour solutions provider. What’s more, it is a globally accredited brand with heavy online presence and now, residents of Sand Springs can directly enjoy their exclusive services in and around the area. For premium-grade quality electronic cigarettes and accompanying accessories, you can now make a personal stop at their Sand Springs outlet.


Why Vapor Kings?

Whether you already have your smokeless cigarette that need refilling or are simply an interested first-timer looking to try out one of the many water vapour cigarette brands, Vapor Kings Sand Springs is adequately stocked to satisfy your personal needs. Although their supplies can be purchased online, anyone in Sand Springs and surrounding vicinities can now save on shipping costs and enjoy one-on-one interaction with their e-cig experts by making a stop at their Sands Springs location.
Reputed for their exclusive top-quality models and outstandingly amazing customer care, there is absolutely no better place to fully satisfy every e-cigarette need you have.


What They Offer

Experience a perfectly smokeless atmosphere with this company courtesy of their assortment of exclusive e-cig products. They are stocked with a wide array of supplies including:

  • Starter Kits with elite models like Joye 306 and Joye 510.
  • Tanks and Coils.
  • E Juice.
  • Accessories ranging from wall adapters to USB battery chargers.

And with their quality of products and level of customer service, they are the perfect spot for anyone looking to indulge themselves into the world of smokeless cigarettes; not just for the supplies, but also for the advice and insight of proper use.



Whether you need a durable compact cigarette, a smokeless cigar, or even a tank cigarette, Vapor Kings offers the finest collection of branded electronic cigarettes on the market. What’s more, anyone in Sand Springs can now directly access their wide range of products and accessories not to mention enjoying a personal and exclusive interaction with their available e-cig experts. Visit Vapor Kings Sand Springs Oklahoma today for the best e-cig products.


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The Troll RTA

A Detailed Review of Hohm Skillet Starter Kit

Hohm Skillet


Hohm Skillet Starter Kit is among the finest (if not the finest) atomizers on the market, and just as its name suggests, it primarily targets starters. Sold exclusively by VaporCube, this device is incredibly simplified to give users an easy and smooth time operating it.
Like all other starter kits, this rechargeable kit seeks to convince a smoker to turn into a vaper. What’s more, it can also be used by a veteran vaper since they are a consequently more discreet option to the more advanced APVs.


Specs & Features of Hohm Skillet

  • Multi-Stage Stepping Watt System.
  • 2200mAh fixed Duralife battery.
  • Glass and Stainless steel construction.


Ease of Use

This kit comes with a multi-stage stepping system that automates wattage adjustment system to give the user an easy time when operating it. With harder pushes, it lowers the ohm and vice versa.



It also boasts a tight and clean construction made using glass and stainless steel. This makes it quite presentable especially for users that operate it in public spaces. Moreover, it also comes with an exclusive airflow control design that prevents the ring from rotating- a first of its kind in the industry.



Considering its simplicity and presentable design, it is easy to conclude that at its current price, the Skillet is quite affordable.



  • Fast Charging: It needs just two hours for full charging.
  • Smart: It is quite presentable owing to its glass and stainless steel construction.
  • Remarkable Battery life: offers 6-8 hours of continuous use.



  • Blue-light indicator is too broad.



If you are an aspiring vaper, Hohm Skillet is your best choice. Even with slight drawbacks, none is really a deal breaker. It comes with an attractive design and construction, is fast to charge, has a remarkable battery life, and most importantly, it delivers all these at a considerably affordable price. And with a simplified ease of use, what more would a starter need? Order your Hohm Skillet Starter Kit today for a fulfilling vaping experience!


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The Troll RTA

How to Fill Your E Juice in Your Vaping Tank

e juice


Are you overwhelmed when it comes to filling your vaporizer with e-liquid? We have compiled the steps to refilling your best e juice with ease.


How to Fill Your E Juice

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to remove the tank from the atomizer. This involves unscrewing it from the housing to expose the end of the tank. With the tank now removed, you will see a small center tube inside the tank. While this may seem as a tube where you should put your e-liquid, you should avoid doing so. Putting liquid through this section will make it come out of the mouthpiece thereby causing a nasty spill.

To avoid this, fill towards the side of the tank by putting the bottle at an angle so that the tip doesn’t come into contact with the center tube.

After refilling the e juice into the tank, screw the tank back to the atomizer. Allow it to soak into the bottom for some minutes to allow the flavor saturate the core.


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The Troll RTA

How to Make E Liquid Flavors

E Liquid


Many vaping enthusiasts wonder how they can make vape e liquid but are usually put off by the misconception that it is a tedious and overwhelming process. Making your DIY e-liquid, on the contrary, is an easy, fun, and cost-effective process. Here are the five steps to making e liquid flavors;

  • Pick a recipe
  • Get the main ingredients; PG/VG base, flavorings, and nicotine.
  • Mix the ingredients well
  • Steep
  • Enjoy

E liquid or e-liquid is a simple combination of propylene glycerol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavorings. You can enhance the taste by using some additives.


Why Make DIY E-Liquid

Yes, you can order your favorite e-juice from the comfort of your home with a few clicks, but making your own e-liquid can save you significant cash from buying ready-made ones.

Also, you are aware of all the ingredients that you have used in your flavor. For ready made one, the manufacturers may conceal several ingredients.


What You Will Need

Since e-liquids are specific fluids, you will need specific equipment. First, you will need empty plastic bottles that have a childproof cap for storing your contents, marked syringes for each ingredient so as to get better and more accurate measurements and a pair of glove.




VG/PG Base

You need to have a base to make your vape juice, and this is made from PG and VG. PG is an odorless and colorless organic compound that is found in products such as tobacco, certain medical products, and food. It increases throat hit. VG is derived from vegetables and is more viscous than PG. It adds some sweetness to your overall flavor and therefore, you need to be careful when adding it. It produces thicker plumes of vapor.


Diluted Nicotine

Although it comes in a variety of strengths, you need to find a good quality nicotine. You can start by using lower strength nicotine for your first recipe then work your way up next time. Adding too much of it can ruin your e liquid flavor.



Just like nicotine, you should use low amount of flavoring until you get your desired taste. Read more about home flavors you can use in e liquid.



To enhance the taste of your e-liquid, you may add some sweets, distilled water, mentholated liquids, or vodka. Remember that additives can make or break your flavor, so be careful when experimenting.



Once you have everything set, mix them in the bottles and shake well. Use online calculators to know the right amount of ingredients to use in your ejuice.



This involves oxidizing components to help them blend in. You can steep by letting the e-liquid sit in a dark, dry place for a few days. Occasionally uncap the bottles to allow the vaporized ingredients escape.



Experiment with different flavors and ingredients ratios to get great-tasting e liquid.


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The Troll RTA

How to Clean an E Cig Battery

E Cig Battery


Cleanliness is important. The way you keep yourself clean is the same way you need to keep your best e cig battery clean. As time passes, your e cig battery is likely to attract a bit of dust and contaminants around and inside its threads. This is normal for very electronic cigarette battery. That’s why you need to clean and maintain your battery to ensure that it performs optimally.


Read on for Instructions and Tips

It is important to give your battery a thorough cleaning periodically; once a week is ideal. The process is not complicated; it’s simple and straight forward.

Here are the tools you will need;

  • Toothbrush that is moistened with rubbing alcohol
  • Needle or Toothpick
  • Rubbing alcohol or any type of disinfectant
  • Paper towels or tissues



With your needle or toothpick, clean the outer part of the threads around your battery by dislodging any contaminants that might be blocking the air holes and then scrape any extra sediment off. This is meant to loosen everything before you brush it away.

Moisturize your toothbrush with some rubbing alcohol, or disinfectant and brush offer the outer part of your e cig battery thread to remove any gunk.

Loosen any sediment from the inner parts of your batter by gently scraping it with your needle or toothpick.

Place your toothbrush on a flat surface with the bristles facing up. Place the threaded end of your battery on top of these bristles and rotate it in circles to wipe away the gunk from the inner parts. Ensure that you do this gently.

If there is any sediments left in the e cig battery or any part of your metallic body, re-moisten the truth brush with more rubbing alcohol or disinfectant, and give your threads and inner parts of your batter another gentle clean. Be careful not to let any moisture inside your e cig battery as this will make it obsolete.

E Cig Battery

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The Troll RTA

Types of E Cigs

E cigs

E cigs have become increasingly diverse as their popularity continues soaring. Today, there are so many brands which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose one. However, there are only three main types of these gadgets and the type you choose (coupled with the brand too) determines your experience.

Here is an insight into the three different types of e-cigarettes and what you need to know about them.


Mini e-cigarettes “cigalikes”

Mini e-cigarettes are branded cigalikes because they look and feel much like conventional cigarettes. Additionally, they function much like other types of e-cigs. However, their functionality is limited by their small size; flavor options are limited and battery life is poor.

On the up-side, these e-cigarettes are affordable and some are rechargeable while others are disposable. They are also the best for new users or smokers trying to transition to e cigs.


Vape Pens

Vape pens are larger than the minis and arguably more stylish. Their bigger size allows them to support a larger battery and more e-juice for a more consistent vaping experience. They are especially suitable for the frequent vaper who needs his/her e-cig always close-by.

However, vape pens may be uncomfortable to handle owing to their heavy weight and large size. New models are however revolutionizing this with new designs.


APVs and Mods

Mods and APVs are designed for ardent vapers. They barely look like conventional e-cigs, but they perform better in terms of vapor production. They also hold more e-juice than the rest, and they are fully customizable to suit the user’s needs. These e-cigs hold more power than the earlier two, but they may need complex battery care.


Choosing the Best E cigs

The first thing that should guide you when shopping for an e-cig is your preference: are you looking for a beginner’s e-cig or something more advanced like a Mod? Additionally, ensure that you pick the best quality e cigs for a more satisfying vaping experience.

E Cigs

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The Troll RTA

What Are the Side Effects of Vapor Cigarettes?

Side Effects of Vapor CigarettesJust like the way conventional books progressed into eBooks, tobacco cigarettes have gone the same path, and we are now getting electronic vapor cigarettes. They are more efficient at delivering a good dosage of nicotine, long lasting, and cheaper. This ease of use has transformed a significant number of traditional cigarette smokers into vapers because of its smokeless state. However, are electronic vapor cigarettes really healthy? Well, today we will focus on that aspect of these vaping machines.

The Side Effects of Vaping

An e-cig is a battery-powered device that heats the e-juice or e-liquid consisting of nicotine and flavors. It’s the nicotine that brings the side effects in vapor cigarettes. Here are the side-effects of nicotine use;

  • Increase heart beat rate.
  • Decline of appetite.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Sweating, diarrhea, and nausea.

According to the WHO- World Health Organization, tobacco and nicotine addictions are responsible for one in every ten deaths worldwide. The numbers are shocking, right? The reason for this being that the prolonged inhalation of nicotine in electronic vapor cigarettes makes the drug-resistant bacteria in the body more aggressive thereby making the immune system weak. This exposes your body to other infections such as respiratory tract and lung infections.

However, electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke which saves users a great deal of inhalation of harmful chemicals. Besides, e-cigarette vapor has fewer harmful chemicals than smoking traditional cigarettes. However, nicotine levels are the same, but the user can adjust.

However, the concerns of vapor cigarettes go beyond nicotine alone as there are several brands of vaping liquids that includes formaldehyde, which has been linked to increased cases of cancers.

Ingesting the vaping fluid in vapor cigarettes can cause extreme health complications.

However, if we compare the side effects of vaping and smoking traditional cigarettes, we can confidently say that vapor cigarettes are by far a safer option because of the reduction of harmful additives found in a traditional cigarette. But in terms of nicotine side effects, both have far-reaching side effects.

vapor cigarettes

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The Troll RTA

How to Use Vapor Cigarettes

How to Use Vapor Cigarettes


Figuring out electronic vapor cigarettes can be difficult for newbies. When you are used to smoking traditional cigarettes with a filter, you can often run into frustrations when trying your first e-cigarette. A lot of people often get discouraged to the point of going back to traditional cigarettes. But we have come to your rescue as we’ve compiled a guide on how to use vapor cigarettes.

Before using vapor cigarettes, ensure that you have fully charged your battery. Then turn your vaporizer on. Now that the vaporizer is turned on here are the basic steps you need to follow in order to have an enhanced and better vaping experience.

  1. Do not inhale vapor directly into your lungs as you’d do with a cigarette; instead, draw it into your mouth and then gently inhale it into your lungs. For those who’ve ever smoked a cigar, the concept is quite similar. The vapor doesn’t have to be drawn into your lungs.
  2. After drawing vapor into your mouth, hold it for about five seconds before inhaling into your lungs or exhaling it through your nose or mouth.
  3. When drawing vapor, ensure that you do so in a slow and steady way. If you pull hard, your vapor cigarette heater coil will start to malfunction. The heater coil works efficiently when the air is gently drawn across it. Drawing the vapor hard will cause the e-liquid to be drawn into your mouth, and this will be an unpleasant experience.
  4. Nicotine penetrates into the lungs on a conventional cigarette. But with an e-cigarette, it absorbs through the mucous membranes in the mouth, nose, and lungs. That’s why experienced vapers draw the vapor into their mouth first, then inhale it into the lungs and then exhale via the nose to get a satisfying experience.

Electronic vapor cigarettes are much more economical in the long-term as you can use it as long as the e-liquid is present.

vapor cigarettes

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The Troll RTA

How to Clean Vapor Cigarettes

How to Clean Vapor Cigarettes


Knowing when to clean your vapor cigarettes isn’t quite as easy as identifying a dirty or a sink full of dishes. However, when you notice any of the following signs happening, know that a thorough cleaning should be a top priority.

  • Leaky tanks
  • Wet mods
  • Coil gunk

Here are the steps to cleaning your electronic vapor cigarettes to continue enjoying flawless vaping experience;


Step 1; Disassemble your setup

Once you decide to clean your vaping kit, the first step is always to disassemble it; remove the atomizer head, glass from the tank, drip tip, and the tank from the battery.


Step 2; Gather your cleaning materials

Once your setup is disassembled, you’ll want to gather some isopropyl alcohol, some paper towel, and a few q-tips. All these will be used in the cleaning process.


Step 3; Cleaning the tank

To clean the tank, use a paper towel and remove any stickiness or wetness from your tank body, drip tip, and tube. You can use warm water with soap to ensure they get clean. Apply isopropyl alcohol to give them a shiny finish. Allow the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate before proceeding. For confined areas such as the airflow base, use a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.


Step 4; Clean the Mod

It’s a lot simpler to clean the mod. You can wipe the exterior of the mod using a paper towel as long as the e-liquid hasn’t seeped into the internals.


Step 5; Reassemble your kit

Now that you’ve cleaned everything install a new atomizer head in your vapor cigarette tank and reassemble the tank. Install it back onto your vapor cigarette. Insert the battery into your setup and fill your tank with your favorite e-juice flavor.

For safety, it’s not recommended to disassemble or clean pre-built atomizer coils. Although you can successful clean them, it’s considered a potential for danger.

Although different vapor cigarettes have different set-ups, cleaning your setup is not a complicated task.

vapor cigarettes

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