How to Clean an E Cig Battery

E Cig Battery


Cleanliness is important. The way you keep yourself clean is the same way you need to keep your best e cig battery clean. As time passes, your e cig battery is likely to attract a bit of dust and contaminants around and inside its threads. This is normal for very electronic cigarette battery. That’s why you need to clean and maintain your battery to ensure that it performs optimally.


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It is important to give your battery a thorough cleaning periodically; once a week is ideal. The process is not complicated; it’s simple and straight forward.

Here are the tools you will need;

  • Toothbrush that is moistened with rubbing alcohol
  • Needle or Toothpick
  • Rubbing alcohol or any type of disinfectant
  • Paper towels or tissues



With your needle or toothpick, clean the outer part of the threads around your battery by dislodging any contaminants that might be blocking the air holes and then scrape any extra sediment off. This is meant to loosen everything before you brush it away.

Moisturize your toothbrush with some rubbing alcohol, or disinfectant and brush offer the outer part of your e cig battery thread to remove any gunk.

Loosen any sediment from the inner parts of your batter by gently scraping it with your needle or toothpick.

Place your toothbrush on a flat surface with the bristles facing up. Place the threaded end of your battery on top of these bristles and rotate it in circles to wipe away the gunk from the inner parts. Ensure that you do this gently.

If there is any sediments left in the e cig battery or any part of your metallic body, re-moisten the truth brush with more rubbing alcohol or disinfectant, and give your threads and inner parts of your batter another gentle clean. Be careful not to let any moisture inside your e cig battery as this will make it obsolete.

E Cig Battery

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