How to Clean Vapor Cigarettes

How to Clean Vapor Cigarettes


Knowing when to clean your vapor cigarettes isn’t quite as easy as identifying a dirty or a sink full of dishes. However, when you notice any of the following signs happening, know that a thorough cleaning should be a top priority.

  • Leaky tanks
  • Wet mods
  • Coil gunk

Here are the steps to cleaning your electronic vapor cigarettes to continue enjoying flawless vaping experience;


Step 1; Disassemble your setup

Once you decide to clean your vaping kit, the first step is always to disassemble it; remove the atomizer head, glass from the tank, drip tip, and the tank from the battery.


Step 2; Gather your cleaning materials

Once your setup is disassembled, you’ll want to gather some isopropyl alcohol, some paper towel, and a few q-tips. All these will be used in the cleaning process.


Step 3; Cleaning the tank

To clean the tank, use a paper towel and remove any stickiness or wetness from your tank body, drip tip, and tube. You can use warm water with soap to ensure they get clean. Apply isopropyl alcohol to give them a shiny finish. Allow the isopropyl alcohol to evaporate before proceeding. For confined areas such as the airflow base, use a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.


Step 4; Clean the Mod

It’s a lot simpler to clean the mod. You can wipe the exterior of the mod using a paper towel as long as the e-liquid hasn’t seeped into the internals.


Step 5; Reassemble your kit

Now that you’ve cleaned everything install a new atomizer head in your vapor cigarette tank and reassemble the tank. Install it back onto your vapor cigarette. Insert the battery into your setup and fill your tank with your favorite e-juice flavor.

For safety, it’s not recommended to disassemble or clean pre-built atomizer coils. Although you can successful clean them, it’s considered a potential for danger.

Although different vapor cigarettes have different set-ups, cleaning your setup is not a complicated task.

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