How to Fill Your E Juice in Your Vaping Tank

e juice


Are you overwhelmed when it comes to filling your vaporizer with e-liquid? We have compiled the steps to refilling your best e juice with ease.


How to Fill Your E Juice

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to remove the tank from the atomizer. This involves unscrewing it from the housing to expose the end of the tank. With the tank now removed, you will see a small center tube inside the tank. While this may seem as a tube where you should put your e-liquid, you should avoid doing so. Putting liquid through this section will make it come out of the mouthpiece thereby causing a nasty spill.

To avoid this, fill towards the side of the tank by putting the bottle at an angle so that the tip doesn’t come into contact with the center tube.

After refilling the e juice into the tank, screw the tank back to the atomizer. Allow it to soak into the bottom for some minutes to allow the flavor saturate the core.


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