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How Do Vapor Cigarettes Work?

How Do Vapor Cigarettes Work


Electronic vapor cigarettes are devices that simulate the experience of smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes and may or may not look exactly like them too. They were invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, who patented the device back in 2003. It was introduced to the Chinese market the following year. Many companies are now selling e-cigs to customers around the globe.

An e-cig uses heat and vapor instead of a direct flame to vaporize the liquid tobacco solution that tastes almost the same as dried tobacco, but without added, harmful chemicals often found in tobacco cigarettes.

Although the e-liquid contains nicotine, the user can control the nicotine level in the vapor. The device offers a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional tobacco smoking because there’re no by-products of tobacco smoke inhaled into the lungs. This means that there is no smoke exhaled from electronic vapor cigarettes; only odorless vapor comes from the lungs, making them safer to enjoy both outdoors and indoors around others.


So, How Do Vapor Cigarettes Work?

When someone turns the E-cig on, there’s a lot that goes on inside this electronic device;

The first step in the process is that the atomizer heats up the vaporizer’s cartridge which contain the e-liquid. This process begins when the atomizer heats the cartridge, containing the e-juice. The process begins when the cartridge is connected to the atomizer and e-liquid becomes stored in the reservoir located in the atomizer. From there, the user activates the atomizer’s central heating system, by inhaling the vapor. The action forces the e-liquid stored in the cartridge to move into the atomizer’s heating chamber. This then absorbs the e-juice and turns it into vapor form. Finally, the user exhales tobacco in vapor form.

Electronic cigarettes offer vapers many features over using traditional cigarettes. The vapor is free from tar, flame, carbon, smell, ash and many other harmful chemical substances found in analog cigarettes. Being a non-flammable product means that there’s no danger of second-hand smoke and can also be reused.

Vapor Cigarettes

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What are vapor cigarettes?

vapor cigarettes


You’ve heard about vapor cigarettes. The chances are that you heard them in a discussion involving a subject of alternatives to smoking. Maybe you’re just curious about trying a better nicotine delivery system. If you are looking for answers why electronic vapor cigarettes are the new craze in town, welcome to the guide to vapor cigarettes.

Electronic vapor cigarettes, popularly known as E-cigs are really quite easy to understand once you’ve one in hand. And by the end of this post, it should make sense.

Before we define vapor cigarettes, let’s first define vaping;

Vaping is an improved, less toxic alternative to conventional smoking cigarettes. Vapers use e-liquid or e-juice which replaces tobacco and comes with various flavoring for unique and enhanced experience. The liquid is vaporized in the atomizer to create a smoking-like experience. The process of inhaling and exhaling vapor is known as vaping.


What are vapor cigarettes?

Electronic vapor cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery-powered vaporizers normally used by vapers to simulate the smoking experience. Generally, a vapor cigarette is made up of various components including;

  • Cartridge – Which is the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It holds the liquid cartridge and atomizer inside.
  • Atomizer – This heats the liquid tobacco using a heating coil, usually initiated by a button on the cigarette body. You can get other vapor cigarettes with an atomizer that is separate from the cartridge, while in others, the two are integrated.
  • Battery and charger – Vapor cigarettes come with a rechargeable battery attached to the atomizer. It’s usually the largest component of the electronic vapor cigarettes.
  • Liquid tobacco – Also known as e-juice or e-liquid, produces a vapor that comes out of the cartridge.
  • Casing – this holds all components and parts together.


Do Vapor Cigarettes Have Nicotine?

Yes. E-cigs contain nicotine, but they are free from dangerous chemicals found in tobacco. E-liquids used in vapor cigarettes are made up of flavorings and nicotine as well as few other additives. The nicotine level in an e-cig depends on the size of the cartridge in your device.

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