What Are the Side Effects of Vapor Cigarettes?

Side Effects of Vapor CigarettesJust like the way conventional books progressed into eBooks, tobacco cigarettes have gone the same path, and we are now getting electronic vapor cigarettes. They are more efficient at delivering a good dosage of nicotine, long lasting, and cheaper. This ease of use has transformed a significant number of traditional cigarette smokers into vapers because of its smokeless state. However, are electronic vapor cigarettes really healthy? Well, today we will focus on that aspect of these vaping machines.

The Side Effects of Vaping

An e-cig is a battery-powered device that heats the e-juice or e-liquid consisting of nicotine and flavors. It’s the nicotine that brings the side effects in vapor cigarettes. Here are the side-effects of nicotine use;

  • Increase heart beat rate.
  • Decline of appetite.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Sweating, diarrhea, and nausea.

According to the WHO- World Health Organization, tobacco and nicotine addictions are responsible for one in every ten deaths worldwide. The numbers are shocking, right? The reason for this being that the prolonged inhalation of nicotine in electronic vapor cigarettes makes the drug-resistant bacteria in the body more aggressive thereby making the immune system weak. This exposes your body to other infections such as respiratory tract and lung infections.

However, electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke which saves users a great deal of inhalation of harmful chemicals. Besides, e-cigarette vapor has fewer harmful chemicals than smoking traditional cigarettes. However, nicotine levels are the same, but the user can adjust.

However, the concerns of vapor cigarettes go beyond nicotine alone as there are several brands of vaping liquids that includes formaldehyde, which has been linked to increased cases of cancers.

Ingesting the vaping fluid in vapor cigarettes can cause extreme health complications.

However, if we compare the side effects of vaping and smoking traditional cigarettes, we can confidently say that vapor cigarettes are by far a safer option because of the reduction of harmful additives found in a traditional cigarette. But in terms of nicotine side effects, both have far-reaching side effects.

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