Types of E Cigs

E cigs

E cigs have become increasingly diverse as their popularity continues soaring. Today, there are so many brands which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose one. However, there are only three main types of these gadgets and the type you choose (coupled with the brand too) determines your experience.

Here is an insight into the three different types of e-cigarettes and what you need to know about them.


Mini e-cigarettes “cigalikes”

Mini e-cigarettes are branded cigalikes because they look and feel much like conventional cigarettes. Additionally, they function much like other types of e-cigs. However, their functionality is limited by their small size; flavor options are limited and battery life is poor.

On the up-side, these e-cigarettes are affordable and some are rechargeable while others are disposable. They are also the best for new users or smokers trying to transition to e cigs.


Vape Pens

Vape pens are larger than the minis and arguably more stylish. Their bigger size allows them to support a larger battery and more e-juice for a more consistent vaping experience. They are especially suitable for the frequent vaper who needs his/her e-cig always close-by.

However, vape pens may be uncomfortable to handle owing to their heavy weight and large size. New models are however revolutionizing this with new designs.


APVs and Mods

Mods and APVs are designed for ardent vapers. They barely look like conventional e-cigs, but they perform better in terms of vapor production. They also hold more e-juice than the rest, and they are fully customizable to suit the user’s needs. These e-cigs hold more power than the earlier two, but they may need complex battery care.


Choosing the Best E cigs

The first thing that should guide you when shopping for an e-cig is your preference: are you looking for a beginner’s e-cig or something more advanced like a Mod? Additionally, ensure that you pick the best quality e cigs for a more satisfying vaping experience.

E Cigs

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