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Vapor Kings Review - It's The Best Shop to Buy Your Electronic Cigarettes

Vapor Kings is a prominent, well-established company that is respected for its high-quality and unique e-cigarettes. What began as a simple venture has over the past decade grown to become an invincible pacesetter for innovative and appealing vaping solutions. While it isn’t the only e-commerce website out there, what stands out for them is the nature of their customer service, exclusive designs, battery powered kits, competitive pricing and a massive variety of flavors to grab.

To give a clear perspective of our position on Vapor Kings, we’ll use this review article to gauge their product line based on several factors including design, customer service, e-cigarettes battery life, value over price, and lastly, available flavors.

  • Monstrous E-cigarette Power

If you’re a huge e-cig fanatic, you’ll appreciate that the power options offered by Vapor Kings are far better than what you often find in the market today. This company has exploited battery technology to the farthest stretch thereby giving you a wide range of power choices to pick from. Their e-cigar battery capacity ranges from 650 mAh to a whopping 1100 mAh. What’s more? Some come with an inbuilt support for integration with LCD screens. These screens display current battery percentage and the number of puffs you’ve taken since your last charge.

Interestingly, Vapor Kings electronic cigarettes come in various colors with the most popular being those with pink, white, and stainless steel colored batteries. Additionally, some are manually powered while others are automatic. A manual one allows you to gain control over vaping by giving you a switch kill to regulate puffs. On the other hand, an automatic one initializes its function robotically without your input. The best between the two highly depends on your preference.

  • Unique and Unbeatable Design

Typical Electronic Cigarettes brands employ a two-piece model in their vaporizer. However, Vapor Kings’ electric tank works with a triple-part system design which consists of a cartridge, an atomizer, and as aforementioned, a high capacity battery. This model might sound complex on the paper but the truth is that Vapor Kings have embedded some simplicity in it. As such, it’s a child’s play putting it together and even easier when refilling the cartridges. What you’ll possibly like about these vapors is that they are capable of regulating vapor production at will.

Have you ever heard of a clearomizer before? Well, if you haven’t, then this is innovative and unique addon offers you a maximum amount of vapor when attached to the electronic tank. Luckily, you get to enjoy this feature with a majority of vapors by Vapor Kings.

  • High-Quality Vapor

Anyone who’s used Vapor Kings Electronic Cigarettes will greatly appreciate the time and effort they've put in creating and honing their recent technologies. In fact, this seems to be exactly the reason they’ve been able to stay afloat all this while. The quality of their products is simply unbeatable globally. And with the combination of the atomizer and clearomizer technology taking charge, the output is just impressive. What you now garner from each package is a rich and satisfying sensation that grows better with each puff. You’ll find their kits ideal for any class of people ranging from experienced smokers, those seeking to quit, and even the newbies. Needless to say, it also suits any casual vaper who is only after savoring the moment than substituting tobacco all the same.

  • Pricing and Value of Products

No one can resist a store that offers real value for every cent you spend on them. Vapor Kings pricing is honestly very competitive especially in comparison with what other e-commerce sites ask for similar quality. Whether you’re buying a starter kit or the most expensive one, the price will hardly surpass those of the competitors. Even then, what you’ll particularly love is the huge variety of products they have in store. Simply put, there’s something for everyone.

While some may argue that the high-end products are a bit pricey, the features you find truly justify the pricing. With support for the LCD screens, free replacement coils, charging USB cables, and some e-liquid bottles, we feel that they’re undeniably on top of the game.

  • Widespread Physical Locations

Unlike most stores, Vapor Kings rule both the physical and the online realm. The company has over four physical locations spread out all over the US for your convenience. Vapor Kings Tulsa Mingo store is the most popular followed by Tulsa Peoria, Sand Springs, and finally the Grand Las Vegas Strip Bazaar shops. The reason they’re this close to you is to ensure they give you an opportunity to interact with their staff in person if need be. You can also do this from the comfort of your house if adventure outside isn’t welcome.

  • Smooth Online Experience

Purchasing online is as simple and smooth as you would physically. The customer service unit at this company is approachable and highly interactive. To reach their audience, they’ve utilized the social media infrastructure quite efficiently. In short, they are just a tweet away.

What we didn’t fancy much (and perhaps what they need to improve) is their website. To be honest, it’s not the most appealing out there; however, their effort to design it to accommodate views from any device is commendable. For example, in addition to the PC version site, they’ve developed a mobile site which adjusts automatically to fit your screen size and improve visual convenience.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

Recently, we noted that Vapor Kings introduced a free shipping policy for orders worth over $49. So, if for example, you purchased the Megan package today, you'd not pay a dime to have your package shipped to you. What's more? It would take you only 72 hours or less to have it in your hands. What a relief!


Vapor Kings’ cutting-edge technology is one of the key strengths that has enabled this hugely popular company to thrive so well in the otherwise competitive vapor industry. With their products, you can be sure you’ll get something to suit your taste and preference. While some users might a few of their models a bit complex to handle, we believe that the quality and the numerous options are something all will appreciate.

To this end, we’re convinced that Vapor Kings are one of the best electronic cigarettes producers we have on the market today. From the unique hardware design to affordable prices and quality vapors, we honestly think that they duly deserve a round of applause!

So, visit the store and grab your vapor product of choice today- we bet that you won’t regret it!

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