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A Comprehensive Review of VaporCube

Are you looking to quit smoking but are finding it difficult? And are you looking for affordable, original and high-end vaping setup kits to help you in your journey? If your answer is yes to any of these two questions, then you’ll be delighted to meet Vaporcube. This is a fast-rising, 21st-century e-commerce site that is offering vaping solutions to millions of consumers worldwide.

Incidentally, the company's founders are a group of entrepreneurs devoted to making the transition to vaping a piece of cake. Having smoked for a combined 40+ years themselves and successfully quit, you can only expect your engagement with them will be therapeutic and obviously, a walk in the park.

Interested in learning more about this company? How about you take a moment and read our comprehensive VaporCube review below.

Why Should You Choose VaporCube?

  • Partnership with Reputable Manufacturers

The truth behind VaporCube’s success is that it had to work hard from the ground up to be where it is now. Along the way, the company partnered with great manufacturers including Sony, Suicide Bunny, and LG to bring forth some of the top manufacturers from whom it sources its products. Through this, VaporCube has been able to assimilate creative designs, produce durable vape kits, and supply high-quality e-liquids.

  • Reasonably Priced Products

Let’s admit it, we all adore quality vaping hardware. But just how significant is the price to us? Most people will enjoy shopping for products that deliver desirable results without necessarily compromising their purchasing power. Now, VaporCube devised several clever strategies during their startup that have up to now favored you the consumer as regarding price.

First, the company began by working directly with some of the most reputable manufacturers as we saw earlier. Secondly, it adopted a fair competition policy that enabled them to work within the broadly acceptable price ranges. This way, their prices tend to be fairer than what other competitors ask for. Indeed, their key objective is not just to make a profit but also to make quitting smoking an affordable venture for everyone.

  • Impressive Performance of the Products

Unlike their opponents, Vaporcube only sells products authorized by various vaping regulatory bodies around the world. While most of their products contain nicotine just like regular cigarettes, the content level is low and will less likely cause congenital disabilities and other known reproductive side effects.

  • Secure Payment Methods

E-commerce is becoming a popular trend today. As such, online stores have to adopt payment methods that are highly secure especially considering the level of risk involved. Luckily, VaporCube continuously updates its checkout portal in an attempt to make it compatible with various safe and modern payment partners. When it began its operations, you could only use PayPal to transfer cash. However, over the past few years, the site integrated direct cash transfer methods accepting credit cards subsequently. You can now use your Visa or Master Card without necessarily requiring a third-party middleman PayPal.

  • Ease of Account Management

One unique feature of VaporCube is that the site allows you to create, access, and modify your account details with exceptional ease. Unlike most of its competitors, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks before your account becomes approved. It’s a 10-minute process after which you’re ready to make your first order.

  • Easy Tracking

For the last five years tracking of purchased items has grown smooth and real-time at VaporCube. As such, you can tell the exact geographical location your order is at by just viewing the details from the website.

  • Reasonable Return Policy

Defective products are often frustrating and expensive to repair. Luckily for you, VaporCube makes replacing them as easy as it is purchasing them. They will refund all your money or exchange the faulty ones when you report within 30 days after receipt.

  • Rich, Groundbreaking Designs

How do you like your e-cigarettes? Probably colorful, inimitable, and attractive to anyone watching and envying you. Vaporcube’s kits are built to be appealing and yet robust in their function. Their designers have applied a nifty art of mixing various colors for a unique and glistening finish. And even then, the prices are unbelievably low.

What You Get From VaporCube

Here, we’ll highlight a few top products offered by VaporCube, chief among them being Hohm Skillet Rechargeable Starter Kit. This is one of the key products we think best fits anyone starting out on a vaping journey.

Hohm Skillet Rechargeable Starter Kit

This is one of the best atomizers sold by VaporCube. Just as the name suggests, it is targeted primarily at starters and thus everything about it is simplified to make it easy for users to operate.

Some of the top features to enjoy when you purchase Hohm Skillet Kit include;

  • A Multi-Stage Stepping Watt System

This system helps automate the process of adjusting wattage in that it uses lower ohm when pushing harder and vice-versa.

  • Fast Charging

This gadget takes only two hours to reach full charge. It comes with a fixed battery with a capacity of 2200MAH which is sufficient to last several vaping sessions.

  • Smart

This kit is made using stainless steel and glass thereby making it very presentable even when using in a public space.

  • E-Liquids

VaporCube offers a diverse array of e-liquid flavors you’ll find anywhere online. Some of the top ones include;

  • Berries
  • Citrus
  • Chocolates
  • Florals
  • Mints
  • Candy
  • Teas
  • Cigarettes

Top Accessories Offered by VaporCube

On top of selling vapors and e-liquids, VaporCube also offers a few other complimentary accessories including;

  • Cases and bags to help you conceal vapors
  • Charges and Adapters
  • Beauty Rings
  • Lanyards and Ring Clips
  • Clearomizers
  • OHM Testers
  • Batteries

Pros of VaporCube Vaping Products

  • Exclusive, colorful and vibrant designs of the kits, accessories, and e-liquid containers.
  • Competitive prices for quality products.
  • Easy, reliable account management and general shopping experience.
  • Secure payment such PayPal and Bank Wire Transfers.
  • Reasonable return policy – 30 days is long enough to notice defects.

Cons of VaporCube Vaping Products

  • Vaporcube doesn’t supply their items worldwide. We feel it limits potential customers from far geographical locations.
  • The Nicotine level although low still has a significant impact on users who use vapors for extended periods or those unable to quit smoking.

Verdict: Are VaporCube Products Worth the Money?

Having gone through Vaporcube’s strengths, products, business criterion, policies, and weaknesses, it’s time we give our judgment and let you decide. In our opinion, the job they’ve done so far is terrific and commendable. Besides, it terms of their prices and product quality, we also think Vaporcube is compelling and worth a try. We, however, feel that there a few weaknesses that need to be addressed to make everything smooth for customers. So, visit the store and grab your preferred vapor or any other vaping product you deem appropriate for you.

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Hassle-Free Returns within 30 Days of purchase!